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Time For Revolution!

It's Time For Revolution! Time for a fresh air in the genre of punk rock! Time to make the youth-/subculture, which punk once was, youthful again!
Become a part of the revolution and listen to our record "Time For Revolution" now!

Mudfight Cover


Order our debut album "Time For Revolution" now!

10 brand new songs including our latest singles "Baby! Hey! " and "Another Boy" on vinyl the first time ever! Rebels of all ages, it's our time to show them punk rock is not dead!

Mudfight Cover


Get ready for the summer!

Catch us at SBÄM Fest 4 in Linz this summer, where they will share the stage with punk legends like Pennywise and The Dropkick Murphys! Besides the phenomenal line-up, there will be grandiose side-actions to ensure an unforgettable event for the punk scene!
Don't miss out on that one and grab your tickets now!

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